Weight Loss in A Week? Try Burpees

“Those were some enjoyable Burpees,” said no one ever. This is one of the favorite quotes that make many people see this exercise as being very dreaded.

Despite this, the benefits it gives outweighs the pains that come with it. Few reps of burpees will leave you sweating crazily, with your heart racing with super speed and your muscles burning like hell.

The end product of all these impacts on your body helps in burning excess calories and fat very quickly, build your glutes, abs, and triceps. With a diligent ten to fifteen reps off Burpees which shouldn’t last more than five minutes, all these effects kick start and you enjoy the benefits throughout the day.

4 Super Reasons Burpees Will Drop Your Weight in A Week

It Burns More Calories:

When you do Burpees, it engages your whole body and burns more calories than other conventional isolation exercises. The strenuous activities you put your muscle through when you do Burpees will elevate your heart beat quickly and by so doing, Burpees helps in burning more calories than you would imagine.

Burpees are a Total Body Workout:

With Burpees, there is no room for idleness. The little time you spend doing Burpees engages various muscles in the body such as the rectus femoris of the thighs, the deltoideus of the chest, the triceps surae of the toe, the rectus abdominis of the stomach. In fact, every muscle in the body up and doing with Burpees. The totality of these stressors on all the muscles simultaneously is what earns Burpees its uniqueness. Little wonder why many people that register for weight loss and fitness exercises in a gym always wish that their trainer forgets to include Burpees as one of their routine exercises

Burns Tons of Fat Quickly:

Burpees is regarded as HighIntensity Training (HIT). By virtue of such reputation, studies have shown that Burpees can burn fat, reduce visceral adiposity and enhance weight loss through:

The improvement of your insulin sensitivity in the liver which helps to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Burning of calories during the shortest period of training.

Burpees speed up metabolic activities in the body thereby burning up to about 50% calories during and after a workout.

If you are really interested and keen about weight loss, Burpees is the ultimate ‘Fat Buster’ you need.

Burpees Burns Calories Post-workout:

Without your knowledge and not even demanding for a Penny, do you know that after Burpees workout and you freshen up then go about other activities, Burpees workout is still carrying out some important clearance jobs for you? How does that happen, you may cut in. Here is the principle behind that.

While you do Burpees, the available oxygen your muscles carries will be used up and so there will be the need to make up for this oxygen depletion immediately. To replenish the oxygen, the heart has to work very hard to make this happen by circulating oxygenated blood around the body immediately. When the heart is faced with such oxygen bills to pay, it absolutely takes from your calories bank to offset the bills. And this is done throughout the day too so that you can keep going. Sure you’ll be like ‘thanks to the rigorous Burpees.