True methods for Lose Weight : Eating less and Exercise more

The fact that most of the weight loss methods that are successful are both inexpensive and easily accessible is encouraging: Eat less fat and exercise more. The health risks associated with obesity are significant and include high cholesterol, high triglycerides, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and gallstones.

A new study indicates that women who are dieting need to consume adequate dairy when trying to lose weight to help prevent bone loss due to losing weight. If you are like many Americans and you need to lose some weight make sure you don’t cut out the dairy foods to save calories. Choose dairy foods that are lower in fat but maintain the nutrition of the dairy group like skim milk or skim milk yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese while limiting or avoiding full-fat cheese, ice cream, cream or cream cheese.

Weight loss is a good goal but the real goal is loss of body fat while maintaining adequate muscle mass. A healthful eating plan, including three servings of dairy, should be the base of your diet plan.

If you want to slim down this summer, there are many different ways to drop a few pounds or maybe even a size or two. I’m sure you wanna drop more than one or two, keep reading!

Best advice for dieters:

1. A healthy rate of weight loss is about one to two pounds a week. Accept the fact that, if you want to lose 40 pounds, it will take you five months or more. And to make it easier to stick with a diet for that long, it’s important for you to pick an eating plan that allows you to eat a variety of foods that you really enjoy. Remember, we’re talking about healthy food, not junk food.

2. It is important to bring healthy eating and weight management into sync. The way you eat each day should provide you with the nutrients and calories for both good health and a healthy weight.

3. Think about your track record and listen to your instincts. If you lost weight in the past but gained it all back plus more, don’t repeat the pattern. You have to find a plan you can stick with that makes you feel energized and allows you to look forward to each meal, even if it means losing weight slower than your friend who’s doing another quick-fix diet.

4. Stop thinking like dieters: Start thinking like people who are trying to create happy and healthier habits that they can keep for life. Said differently, stop playing the short game and start playing the long game.

5. Eat more starch. Avoid fats and oils. The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Appetite-satisfying bread, rice, corn, potatoes, and beans should replace fattening oils, cheeses, and pork chops.

6. If you are 5-foot-4 or under it may be helpful to think of your body like a baby pool, which fills up with water fast, and not like a tall woman’s body, which is more like an Olympic pool and takes more water to fill.
Just think about it — for a taller woman 40 calories are nothing, but for a petite woman, just 40 extra calories a day turns into 4.2 pounds a year.

7. Eat real food — nothing process or prepared. Eat protein for breakfast such as eggs, nut butters, protein shake. Don’t drink your calories: no juices, sodas, sport drinks. Have breakfast every day and have three meals and two snacks.

The biggest mistake dieters make:

1. Undereating. Starvation or extreme diets make you feel lousy, and they always backfire, prolonging the roller-coaster ride of weight ups and downs. If you want to lose body fat, keep it off, and feel great every step of the way, you have to think of your diet as a blueprint for building the body you want — to build and maintain a healthy, lean body, the right raw materials have to show up to the construction site. Healthy bodies aren’t built on flimsy or restrictive plans.

2. Setting huge, unattainable goals and then getting discouraged when they fail.

3. Many dieters try to give up favorite foods forever, and that undermines the long-term sustainability of any diet.

4. You should be positive and focus on what you can eat rather than what you have to give up. Forget about restrictive messages such as ‘eat less’ and instead learn to choose nutritious foods low in calorie density.

5. Thinking that the key to losing weight is to undergo two months of deprivation in order to get into a swimsuit. The foods you are eating while you are losing weight should be the foods you can see yourself eating for the rest of your life. Willpower is an over-rated concept. The key to success is to use strategies that neutralize the threat of temptation.

6. Believing the fault is their own. They must stop believing that there is something psychologically wrong with them; that they are obsessive-compulsive overeaters. There is nothing wrong with the hunger drive. What is really wrong is the food that they are choosing to satisfy their natural cravings.

7. Dieting has focused on two approaches: portion control, which means being hungry, and severely restricting carbohydrates, which makes people too sick to eat. Neither approach can be sustained.

8. Instead, learn the traditional diets of people. Corn kept the Mayans and Aztecs trim and healthy, potatoes once fueled the mighty Incas, and rice is still the staple of most trim hardworking Asians. Learn from these examples.

9. Performing classic cardio (such as running, biking). Never, ever do it. Instead, do interval strength training. Strength training will raise your metabolism, recompose your body, and give you the long, lean look you desire.

10. Eating low-fat foods. Skipping meals to lose weight. Counting calories, fat grams or carbs instead of focusing on quality and fresh real whole food. Remember the rules, eating less and exercising more is the key to weight loss and management. Follow the above steps to get that fat off your body and look great.