The first step towards weight loss and fitness

Sick and tired of being fat? Feeling low confidence? Facing health problems? And confused about what to do next?

If the above-mentioned problems related to you then you absolutely visited on the right page.

Do you know what should be the first step to consider?

The major reasons for your body fat.

One of the major reasons is sugar intake.

Second is Lack of exercise

Now calmly understand where you were lacking for many years.

Sugar – intake of sugar is not the direct cause of your weight gain. You all are must familiar with the phrase – “excess of anything can become harmful for you”. Same lies in the case of sugar.

Sugar = carbs, if you take too many carbs in your diet this will surely gain your weight. And the worst part is, intaking of sugar makes you crave to eat more sugary foods. This is the major cause of your weight gain. But if you will be able to control your craving then you have achieved success in your first step of losing weight.

Don’t worry, we are mentioning below some steps to guide you on how to take control of sugar cravings.

Eat fruits as much as you can, this will surely going to work.

Take protein riched diet.

Take multivitamin.

Avoid being hungry.

Divert your mind by having sleep, reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie.

Next step is exercise, only regular exercise.

Think once and answer yourself that how you are loyal about regularly following your exercise routines.

Remember one thing, only consistency in performing exercises will provide you desired results.

But nowadays, it’s quite difficult for everyone for attending gyms on a daily basis because all of us are having a busy schedule and we understand the hassles which all are facing in their exercise routines.

But we are having the solution for that too –

You can either do easy exercises or can do daily yoga steps for weight loss –

Below mentioned is the list of easy exercises to lose weight at home –

Lunges – letting your feet hip-width apart, stand tall and take a step forward with your right leg while placing hands on your hips. Then slowly bend yourself till your both legs form a 90-degree angle. Hold in this position for few seconds then again start from stepping your left leg forward.

Repeat this whole activity for at least 10 times. Doing this exercise regularly will burn your calories.

Burpees – place your both hands on the floor, jump back on your feet, then jump forward near your hands, and then jump upward by raising your both hands up. Repeat this action for 10 times.

Explosive Lunges – take your right leg forward by bending down and create a 90-degree angle, then make a soft jump by ending on stepping forward the left leg. Repeat this action again and again.

Squats – bend your legs slowly by raising your arms in front of you, your whole weight should be at your heels. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and back should be straight. Repeat this for 15 times minimum.

Double jump – bend lower into a squat position then land with your left leg stepping forward. Back to the squat position by jumping then again jump upward and back to the lunge position stepping your right leg stepping forward.

Jump rope – stand straight and keep your feet together, then start jumping on each swing of the rope.

Crunches lie down on your back. Keep your feet on the ground by bending the legs. Place your hands on the back of your head behind the ears. Move your upper body in the upper direction towards your knees and take a proper breath.

Planks – it is the easiest amongst all, take the push up position and place the forearms on the ground.

Above mentioned are some easy exercises to lose weight at home.

You can also try some daily yoga steps for weight loss. Three specific yoga asanas are best suited for weight loss.



Power yoga

Must try all these exercises at your home, there is nothing difficult, the only thing you have to do is keeping patience and believe in yourself.

And bring consistency in yourself. Follow the same routine without skipping a day for at least some months regularly and get the magical result.

Hope we are successful in differentiating ourselves from other weight loss advisors.

Hope for the best

Good luck!