The Benefits – Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Practically nothing takes the mind off to a summery place, like the taste and smell of Fresh Coconut, picked from a traditional Palm Tree in some exotic country. Drinking the nuts delicious milk, or devouring its sumptuous meat is not only brilliant for the taste buds, but it’s good for your health too. Nevertheless, did you know that the humble Coconut isn’t just good for your insides, but your outsides too? Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can be found in many hair and skincare products, because it has so many benefits for our hair, our scalp and our skin.

Why is it called Virgin Oil?

The Coconut Oil is extracted from the fresh Coconut meat practically as soon as it has been picked, and this is what makes the oil “virgin”. If the meat had been left after picking, before extracting the oil, then it would not be considered “virgin”. The oil is actually extracted, by means of heating the meat ensuring that the temperature never exceeds 60̊C.

It’s all nice knowing that a beauty product is derived from a completely fresh original fruit/seed/nut, but so many large companies these days ruin that naturalness, by adding unnecessary chemicals and additives in order to create a certain smell, texture or even more vainly – colour. Nevertheless, you’ll be happy to know; that Organic Virgin Coconut Oil certainly does not contain anything that nature hadn’t intended to be in there.
What does this mean for the overall product?

This is due to the fact that VCO is a triglyceride of Lauric acid (principal fatty acid). It has a high affinity for hair proteins and because it’s low molecular weight and straight linear chain, VCO is able to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft and carry nourishment along with it.” (Source: J. Cosmet. Sci., 54, 175-192 (March/April 2003) AARTI S. RELE and R. B. MOHILE, Research and Development).

As a result, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil helps to create strong and healthy locks of natural hair, and in countries like India, the oil is massaged gently into the scalp to help promote this.
These head massages help to eradicate the hair and scalp of lice and their eggs, no matter how dry the scalp is. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is also considered amongst the leading natural nutrients for naturally curly hair, making it shiny, and nourished, no matter how damaged the curly locks maybe, even if it is heat damaged, chemically relaxed or incredibly dry and brittle.

For skin: Ladies worried about the signs of ageing (the worry gets to us all eventually!), you will be thrilled to know that organic virgin coconut oil works wonders at plumping up the skin, not only making it supple, thus preventing sagging, but also reduces the prominence of wrinkles (hurrah!).

Furthermore, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil slows down several parts of the ageing process, including wrinkling and skin sagging. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil also works at removing dead skin cells from all over our body. Removing this dead skin encourages the production of new skin, which will be smooth, supple and healthy.

Well, our bodies naturally produce something called sebum, which is made up of a medium-chain of Triglycerides, needed to protect our skin from bad bacteria and helps to keep infections at bay. If the body creates excessive amounts of this sebum, we have oily skin and/or greasy skin, however, if it doesn’t create enough sebum, the skin inevitably becomes dry and the sebum needs to be replaced in other ways.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is created by hydrolysing the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil; it is then steamed in order to isolate the medium-chain of Triglycerides. Rubbing this oil into your scalp and skin replenishes the missing sebum, and creates that all-important protective barrier.

For hair: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is considered one of the highest-rated natural nutrients for all hair types. It is especially great for naturally curly whirly hair that is dry or damaged due to excessive heat, chemicals in products and/or the use of Afro hair relaxers. The essential proteins that are found in Organic Virgin Coconut Oil deeply condition the hair from the roots, right down the lengths to the tips, creating hair that is healthy and shiny.

OK, if this sounds too good to be try, a Research Report looking at the “Effect of Mineral Oil, Sunflower Oil and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil on prevention of Hair Damage”, created by Mumbai’s Research and Development Department within the Nature Care Division, states that:
“Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is the only oil found to reduce the protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair.

How about the amazingly natural smell of coconuts – nothing else. No chemicals. No perfumes. Just plain and simple coconut. Alternatively, perhaps we can entice you with the fact that every inch of your body can benefit from its yummy goodness, whether you want to use it as a moisturiser, or in a shampoo or conditioner to be thoroughly enjoyed as you bathe.

Your skin will absorb the oil so quickly that it’ll have your hair and skin looking incredible before you know it! On the other hand, be completely self-indulgent (go on, you know you deserve it!) and take pleasure in a hot oil-filled nutrient-rich bath…now that sounds like Heaven! Organic coconut oil are very good and have lot of health benefits. Don’t hesitate to try it and you gonna love the health benefits.