Simple and Time-Saving Exercises for Working Professionals

We live in an era that is in financial turmoil, and you need to strain yourself to earn a decent living. Most people these days have a disrupted work-life balance and spend most of their energy at work, leaving little room for self-grooming. Our busy schedules and hectic routines have made it difficult for us to concentrate on our well-being.

While it is indeed important to earn a decent income and improve your living standards, it is equally important to stay in perfect health, to be able to rejoice your accomplishments. For working professionals who are usually drained after an exhausting day at work, hitting the gym is a feat that can be achieved either while dreaming or after they retire.

Therefore, most working professionals are often left with unhealthy bodies as they climb the ladder of success. However, what if there was a way to retain a healthy body despite being frantically occupied at work? Now that would be amazing right. Well, here are a few simple and time-saving exercises for working professionals:


When it comes to losing your abdominal fat, planks are perhaps the best solution. This simple, yet effective exercise would hardly 2-3 minutes a day to keep your tummy tucked in. In fact, planks tone down your overall body and leave it in a pristine state, but it is most effective for the abdominal region. Planks put massive pressure on your belly, causing the muscles to contract fiercely, consuming a lot of energy. The benefit of planks is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, and in any clothing. You can even do planks on your bed if you wanted to, without compromising the results.

Leg Raises

If you are a working professional with a tiresome routine, then you surely dread the concept of gym and weight training to lose body fat. For individuals with a lack of time, energy, and motivation, leg raises are an impeccable solution. The seemingly easy exercise only requires you a flat surface to lay on, stretch your legs, and raise them at a 45-degree angle.

The best part about the exercise is that it targets your lower abdominal region, which is often hard to focus on during standard abdominal exercises. Once you raise your legs midair, you would notice pressure building in your lower abdomen, a sign demonstrating the effectiveness of the technique. You only need a few minutes for this exercise and will notice results in a short span.

Side Planks

Similar to planks, side planks target the lumpy fat on the sides of the abdomen. Fat stored on the sides is the toughest to get rid of, which can be easily countered with side planks. The technique is performed similarly to standard planks, but you need to rest your body on your foot and your elbow. It can also be performed by stretching out your arm. However, that is advised only for serious enthusiasts.

While there are tons of exercises for reducing body fat and toning your physique, these simple exercises only require a few minutes of your daily routine and give exceptional results.