Refine your Body Shape with Cellulite Treatments

Over 85% of women suffer from cellulite. Are you one among them?
Cellulite describes a common cosmetic problem where the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen, and pelvic region becomes dimpled. Often, diet and exercise on their own are just not sufficient to the task. In such cases, cellulite reduction treatment is highly recommended with diet and exercise to the routine you follow as it will improve results and help you achieve more aesthetically pleasing body contours.

Take a look at our effective Cellulite Treatments offered at Lanu Medi Spa Drogheda that can offer real weight loss results with therapies that will not only get you in great shape fast but will keep looking and feeling great all year long:

Cellactor Cellulite Reduction & Inch loss Treatment

Cellactor is the effective new technology used for Cellulite reduction, it combines fat mobilisation for body contouring, as well as skin tightening & firming. For the optimum results Shock wave therapy is additionally used with the treatment to correct & strengthen the fibres between fat cells which smooth’s lumpy cellulite. It results in improved skin quality and firmer toned skin to make you look good and feel great.

There are 2 main causes of cellulite. Firstly connective tissue, which is caused by the hardening of the fibres between the fat cell & Secondly, dermis which is the protrusion of fat cells into the lower skin layer. Cellactor treats both these causes of cellulite, so therefore gives fast and effective results.

Read out common FAQs on Cellactor Cellulite treatment, working, recommended sessions, benefits, effects and more.

Endermologie Cellulite Reduction Treatment (Liposuction)

Endermologie Cellulite Reduction Treatment (Liposuction)Endermologie is a non-surgical treatment for cellulite reduction and post-operative liposuction. It works by creating a circulation beneath the skin and removing any unsightly dimples. It reduces cellulite, slims tones, sculpts, contours & detoxifies the body. Endermologie cellulite reduction treatment is one among few Cellulite reduction methods approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) because of its combined action of these several factors that ultimately results in a significantly tighter, smoothly contoured body.

The treatment is highly recommended with diet and exercise to the routine as it improves results, also it improves the appearance of stretch marks & loose skin. Check out the common FAQs on Endermologie for having a significantly tighter, smoothly contoured body.

Shockmaster Cellulite Treatment

Shockmaster is an advanced treatment of cellulite, has been used medically to break up kidney stones and now is used cosmetically to break up fat and skin tightening procedure to smooth out cellulite and increase elasticity of the body. Shockmaster is a combination therapy, begins with Acoustic wave therapy (AWT), followed immediately afterwards by lipomassage with Endermologie, to enhance lymphatic drainage. The technology uses gentle waves to break up cellulite connective tissue, releasing “dimples” and increasing lymphatic blood flow. Many patients experiences a significant reduction in cellulite, with weight loss and a drop in clothing size.

Lanu Medi Spa is one of first clinics in Ireland/UK to employ this technology. Read some common FAQs related to the procedure and great after care advice of Shockmaster Cellulite for amazing results. There you have it ladies, take advantage of the cellulite treatment and look good.