Healthy Weight Loss Foods – What Are They?

Sometimes we sacrifice our health and nutrition just because we want to achieve that slim body or we want to shed off those extra fats. But are there really foods that help you lose weight the healthy way? Let us find out what are those healthy weight loss foods that will help us lose weight at the same time keeping us healthy.


Fruits are the best foods that you need to have in your diet if you want to lose weight. Fresh fruits are healthy weight loss foods but you can also have some dried fruits or fruit juices. There are also fruits that are considered ‘fat-burning’ ones because they are those that use up calories more than what they contain. These are grapefruits, citrus, oranges, and lemons as well as apples.

Fruits are also rich in dietary fiber which is helpful in losing weight as it is digested slowly in the stomach, giving you the feeling of fullness. To get the best dietary fiber from fruits, it is recommended to have fresh fruits on your diets than fruit juices. Aside from being great foods to burn those extra calories, fruits are also excellent sources of Vitamin C, antioxidants, phytochemicals as well as other vitamins. They are also good substitutes for your desserts like cakes and ice creams if you want to get rid of those calories lurking on your desserts.


Vegetables are also healthy weight loss foods that are indispensable in your diet to lose weight. They are excellent sources of dietary fiber that helps in your weight loss goals by helping you feel full, thus preventing you to overeat and reduces your cravings on food in between meals. Fiber also helps move the food in your body fast which also reduces absorption of fat from your food. Aside from being a great food for losing weight, vegetables are also great sources of vitamins and minerals that help you achieve a balanced and healthy diet. It also helps you prevent constipation and hemorrhoids and can reduce your risk of some types of cancers.

Increasing vegetables in your diet would surely help in your goals and keep in mind too to have a variety of vegetables to get a balanced diet. Leafy vegetables, dark green vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, red pepper, kale, lettuce, and beats are among those that are rich in vitamins and help you in maintaining an ideal weight.


Oats is high in soluble fiber and probably have the highest soluble fiber among other grains. As mentioned earlier, fiber helps make your stomach feel full longer, thus it is beneficial in losing weight by helping you avoid overeating. The rolled varieties of oats are said to be those that are high in fiber as they undergo minimal processing. Whole grains in particular are said to be healthy weight loss foods. They also give more energy to the body without giving you much calories. The fiber in whole grains also helps you maintain good metabolism.


Fish is also one of the excellent healthy weight loss foods, as some fishes such as salmon are actually among those ‘fat-burning foods.’ They contain less calories than what they use thus, they are also great for losing weight. Fish also contain the ‘good fats’ that reduce your risk of heart diseases.

The excellent and healthy weight loss foods are actually a balance of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish, lean meat and other foods essential for your nourishment, but keep in mind that you are having the right amount at the right time.