Healthy Meal Plan Is What You Need To Shed Your Extra Body Weight

Over the years, I have heard a lot of things around a healthy meal plan and there are thousands of meal options available on the internet. Following a healthy diet can lead to a lot of benefits other than shedding a good amount of fat. There are several meal plans for extreme weight loss, but it is important to look for something that you can continue in the long run.

Eating healthy can provide the body with essential proteins and nutrients while staying under a calorie limit for the day. According to Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, RD, a professor of nutrition at Penn State University, “Choosing foods with omega-3 fatty acids and mono- and poly-unsaturated fats can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol even more than limiting the cholesterol you eat.”

So, let us discuss what the meal plans for extreme weight loss must include:

Help you in reducing your appetite.

Make you lose weight easily with minimal efforts and without a hungry stomach.

Increase your lifespan and also help you fight with some diseases.

So, what’s the basic diet that we all can follow and lose weight? According to researches, low carb, real food based diet is something that you must start right away. It will not consist of tempting sugary food items and bread, but the meal will be rich in protein, healthy veggies, and fat. So you should eat meat, eggs, fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, high-fat dairy, fats, and non-gluten grains.

When it comes to moderate diet intervals you can have dark chocolate because it is high in antioxidants, which has health benefits. Now, if you are wondering about snack time, then there are plenty of low-carb options that you can try including full-fat yoghurt, hard-boiled eggs, baby carrots, nuts, cheese and meat. In the beverage section, you can continue with low-sugar tea and coffee.

It is important to understand that if a man is trying to lose weight, then he must eat only 700-800 calories in a day, whereas women can opt for 1200-1300 calories. So, the diet chart for weight loss for female gets a bit tricky here. There is an addition of heavy healthy foods.

The diet must contain sprouts, muesli or flakes with fruits and seeds, oats, eggs in different forms, peanut butter sandwiches, a glass of milk or fresh fruit juice. Women should also focus on low carb vegetables because they are a necessity. They can opt for broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, kale, Brussels, Cabbage, Swiss chard, and lettuce.

Now, other than remembering the diet, you must also opt for some light regular exercises, eating mostly whole and unprocessed foods, drinking water only half an hour ago before eating any meal, and most importantly giving your body a proper rest by getting a good night sleep.

These are some of the things that you can choose to do to lose weight quickly and without working out much. All you need to do is stick to meals and follow the diet chart.

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