Frequently Asked Questions about HCG for Weight Loss

HCG for weight loss is a diet that can prove very successful. Dieters sometimes have questions about HCG drops, injections, and how they work. There are a number of common questions that dieters tend to ask.

Moreover, we will also supply answers to frequently asked questions so that users of HCG will feel comfortable when using the product. Keep reading to understand some of the questions and how they’re been address.

A commonly asked question about HCG for weight loss is if dieters can use vitamin supplements and potassium supplements while using HCG products. Most might wonder if vitamin supplements are actually needed while on the HCG diet. The answer is quite simple, if the dieter uses a complete multivitamin daily, then he/she does not need potassium supplements anymore. Moreover, vitamin supplements are safe to use with HCG supplements and is recommended to be used by dieters to keep body nutrients in normal levels.

Women users of HCG may also question the use to cosmetics and beauty products together with HCG. Some women might even wonder if cosmetics and beauty products might interfere with the effectiveness of HCG. The answer to that is, it is strongly recommended for women to refrain from cosmetics that have fat or grease in its contents.

However, fat and grease free cosmetics and beauty products are allowed to be used with HCG. Moreover, women might also wonder if they can use birth control pills while on the HCG diet method. The answer to that is birth control pill and other birth control method can be safely used together with HCG and does not have any adverse reactions nor does it hinder the effectiveness of both HCG and birth control method.

Another issue regarding HCG is exercise or work out. Dieters often wonder if they should work out or how often should they work out when under the HCG diet. Dieters can actually use HCG products with minimal exercise or work out required.

In fact, the only kind of exercise that is recommended is low impact exercises. To exercise extensively can cause the body to trigger a metabolic starvation mode. One should not work out more than three days a week and the exercise should be light like walking or relaxed cycling. HCG exercise require light exercise, you may wonder with a light exercise can you achieve greater and faster results. Yes, you will get a desire result once you follow the above information provided.