Fast Weight Loss – 4 Surefire Tips to Fit Into Your Old Prom Dress at the Next Class Reunion

Nearly everyone has been in need of a fast weight loss at one time or another. While rapid weight loss is the least likely to be maintained, using these tricks can help get your sensible eating plan off to a roaring start.

Whether you are overweight or not, chances are likely that you have had the experience of wanting a fast weight loss solution. An example is that of trying to fit into your old prom dress in order to wear it to your ten-year class reunion. If you put off trying on the dress until the last minute, thinking you haven’t gained much since high school, you may be unpleasantly surprised to find that your measurements have changed significantly and the dress no longer looks like it was made for you. Here are some ways to make a quick few pounds reduction. Hopefully, you will use these concepts to ensure you won’t have the same necessity in the future.

Reduce the Distance to the Goal

One of the easiest ways to make certain you will be able to accomplish a fast weight loss is to stay as near to your ideal weight as possible at all times. If you only need to drop five to ten pounds to be at your target weight, that can usually be accomplished fairly easily with minimum disruption of your regular and typical eating habits. If you are maintaining your weight at all times, you are less likely to get into an emergency weight loss necessity.


During those times when only a fast weight loss will do, you will want to pull out all the stops to assist you toward your goal. Moderate exercise is one of the best ways to accomplish not only weight loss, but a better distribution of the pounds you do carry. Walking, swimming, bicycling and other active, full-body exercises that increase the heart rate for a significant length of time will have immediate effects to improve the metabolic rate, but exercise benefits last beyond the immediate time during which the activity is taking place.


Another fast weight loss helpful tip is to drink plenty of water. Increased water intake is always good for the circulatory system, but is particularly beneficial when you want to flush out the toxins and dead or decaying matter that is a natural result of weight loss from your body. The standard of eight full eight-ounce glasses of water is one which is good during normal times, but probably not enough during times when you are placing extra stress on your circulatory system. Increase the water intake by carrying bottled water with you and using it throughout the day. The standard-sized containers help you to keep track of the amount you are drinking. Make sure to drink water as often as possible, it will maximize your weight loss results.


Fast weight loss will also be assisted if you take in additional fiber that doesn’t add calories to your body, but does require the body to expend more calories during the digestive process. Adding a teaspoon of bran to your regular meals can result in added calories being burned off, just to process the bran fibers. Other good sources of fiber such as oats and whole wheat bread are known to be good for the entire body, including the heart and colon. You may also consider whole to include some whole grain in you daily diet for fast results.