What Are The Effective Weight Loss Exercises?

Weight loss works with a combination of two important factors; diet and exercise. While it is an amazing idea to stay fit by working out, you need to figure out the work out sessions that give maximum results in the minimum time possible. If these exercises are done effectively, you get a step closer into achieving that slim body you have always wanted. However, it is one thing to engage in weight loss exercises, it is another thing to engaging in them correctly. Often times, people try out these exercises but do them in the wrong way. This article would provide you with the most effective weight loss exercises and also how to do them the correct way.


These are no doubt one of the best exercises for weight loss. They target the lower body in general- the hips, thighs, legs and bum. A lot of people do squats regularly but claim they see no results. This is because they are not doing it the right way. The right way to do squats are as follows;

Put your feet hip-wide apart. Your two arms should be at your sides while you keep your weight in your heels.

Lower your legs and raise your arms while keeping your back straight with your hips parallel to the floor.

Your knees must be in line with your toes all through. Ensure the pace is even and repeat these steps for 10-20 times.


Burpees generally targets the whole body. It works well on the chest and leg at the same time. It might hurt a little but it works effectively for weight loss and muscle building. If you want to do it the right way, you need to;

Stand with your feet wide apart with your arms on the side

Bend your knees and push your hips backwards

Put your hands right on the floor and balance your weight to them.

Jump back very carefully so you’ll land on your feet

Jump your feet forward again so you can land on the outside of your arms

Lover your entire back in a squatting position and repeat the process up to ten times.


Lunges are perfect for intense work out sessions targeted at severe weight loss. They focus on losing as many calories as possible. To get to do them correctly, you should;

Begin with putting your feet together with your hands right on your hips

Put your right leg forward while you’re doing this. Make sure the right leg is at a 90 degree angle.

After this, jump carefully while switching your legs mid-air. This would result to your left leg lunging forward l.

Repeat for about three minutes or as long as you can endure.

Losing weight through intense work out sessions is definitely not an easy task, however with hard work and determination, it is more than possible. Ensure you combine these explosive exercises to get the best results! When this is done correctly, you’ll watch the fat in your body melt away.