Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast – 3 Easy Tips

For most people, finding easy ways to lose weight fast seems to be a dead-end street. For others, losing weight is a no big deal. Take my friend for instance.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why she can gorge on pizza, Mississippi Mud Pie, potato chips and stuffed potatoes with bacon, sour cream and cheddar cheese and remain model thin. I know. She deserves a slap right?

When I Look At Food I Gain Weight

Meanwhile, no matter how many sit-ups, pull-ups, stand-ups or any other kind of ups you or I do, the fat on our hips and thighs refuse to budge. Worse, the minute you or I even look at a piece of chocolate cake, we gain 5 pounds.

I Spent $ 1,000s On Weight Loss Products

To make my quest for finding easy ways to lose weight even more difficult, are all the diets on the market with which we are constantly bombarded. Each diet promises I will lose 10 pounds a week. Yeah, right.

So of course, like a fool, even though I have become cynical by now, after spending $ 1,000s of dollars on weight-loss strategies, I decided to try one more time to find ways to lose weight by purchasing yet another product only to be disappointed again. Finding easy ways to lose weight fast seemed out of reach until I discovered a very important concept.

There Is No Secret To Losing Weight Period.

I finally found an easy way to lose weight fast. In fact, I lost 90 pounds in 6 months and kept it off for over 10 years. But first, let me assure you that there is no secret to weight loss.

The Answer Is Right Under Your Nose

I swear. The answer really is right in front of us all. I swear, when I first stumbled across this miracle food plan, I thought this was the dumbest way to lose weight. Why?

The Simplicity Of It All

Because it is so simple to follow and effective, and it had been sitting right under my nose all my life. Think about this for a moment. Do you know why you cannot see your own face without a mirror?

Because you are too close to it. The same with trying to find easy ways to lose weight fast. The answer is so close to you, it is so easy to miss. I’m going to share with you a couple of gems I found to be indispensable to losing weight.

Gem No. 1: Start With Breakfast

Never skip breakfast! Most people claim they do not have time to eat breakfast. But this is a HUGE mistake. Why? Because your body has gone for at least 11 hours without food since your last meal (dinner the night before), your blood sugar will be low upon awakening.

Breakfast Is The Gas You Need To Fill Your Tank

Also, breakfast is the fuel you need for your brain to function clearly. By 10:00 a.m., if you have not eaten breakfast, you will definitely fall into a pre-lunch slump and reach for donuts and high sugary substances, which will give you a quick pick me up, but will also make you crash 20 minutes later and start the eating cycle again.

Complex Carbohydrates Keep You Full

Not a breakfast person? There are so many combinations of fruit and protein you can have for breakfast that will make you full and keep your blood sugar stable.

Combine Protein and Fruit – Peanut Butter and Apples

You can take individually wrapped string cheese and an apple with you to work so that when you do get hungry, you will be eating high complex carbohydrates and protein.

Another breakfast meal you can take with you to work is the individual 2 oz cups of peanut butter made by Jiffy and a banana!

It Is The Simple Things That Add Up

How cool (and tasty) is that? Believe it or not, just making this simple adjustment at breakfast will help you start losing weight. These are just a few tips I discovered on my quest to learn easy ways to lose weight fast. Would you like more tips on how to lose weight fast?

I hope yes, keep follow our weekly blog with so research and trending weight loss tips to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Best of luck!