DIY Ketogenic snacks that you must try

Ketogenic foods (foods that contain little or no carbohydrate) Are fast becoming common a staple for many. This article will give you a list of ketogenic snacks that are a must have to keep your stomach filled, your energy levels up during ketosis.

Low carb Nutella

To do this yourself, pour the desired amount of hazelnuts (preferably three to four cups) into a blender and blend till it can’t get any finer, add a little oil and blend again till it liquefies, add the cocoa powder and a sweetener to it, blend again till it becomes a smooth butter. Use coconut oil instead of normal oil. When you use coconut oil, it becomes a little less sticky and wet when refrigerated.

Keto Chocolate Chip cookies.

The name alone sounds yummy as does the snack itself and it can be easily prepared. Using a medium bowl, mix together one and a half cup of almond flour, baking powder and salt. In another medium bowl, some cream butter with swerve sweetener, beat in flour mixture till the dough is properly formed, bake for ten to twelve minutes, remove from pan and your delicious Keto Chocolate chip cookies is ready.

Homemade gluten free thin mints

Using a large bowl, mix almond flour with cocoa powder, sweetener and salt together with egg, butter and vanilla. Stir repeatedly till you achieve a paste and the dough becomes smooth. Bake for about thirty minutes till the cookies become very firm to give a crunchy taste while chewing.

Dark chocolate wall nuts: All your antioxidants in one delicious keto snack.

Chipotle Bacon wrapped Chicken bites.

This is the snack that all keto snacks aspire to be. It has more meat than other snacks and is incredibly delicious. Spicy, sweet and smoky, it is definitely a must have.

Low carb latkes.

Made from potatoes, this keto friendly version of the baked potatoes pancakes uses cauliflower to give it a crispy yummy satisfying pancake when properly baked.

Avocado, cream cheese and cucumber sushi.

Using cauliflower rice instead of the traditional rice or sushi, this amazing snack ranks high on our list of must have ketogenic snacks. Incredibly delicious and stomach filling also, this snack is very rich in ketogens and low in carbs and easy to prepare also. Ticks all our boxes.

Keto Soft Pretzels

They say the best things in life are priceless. This keto pretzel snack is definitely one of the joys of life and is a no brainer on any must have keto list. Easily prepared, it’s essential ingredients are almond flour, coconut oil, cheese cream and eggs. This keto snack is heaven in a bite.

Apple cider donut bites.

Apple Cider and donuts all in one snack, this already tells you all you need to know about this wonderful snack. Two cups of almond flour mixed with a sweetener, protein powder, cinnamon and salt whisked together with eggs, apple cider vinegar and apple extracts mixed together in a large bowl. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes first, then let cool for another 10 minutes to completely solidify and this delicious snack is yours for the taking.

All of these snacks contain the necessary nutrients required to increase your energy levels, as well as, your health. Go ahead and try the keto snack, you gonna hove it.