Discovering about Weight Loss Shakes

Weight loss shakes are a fun and tasty method of slimming down. Many individuals are following weight loss shakes since they are easy to prepare and you can customize it according to your dietary wants and needs. There are specific recipes that allow you to basically use it as a meal substitute. All you’ll need for making shakes are the components and a mixer to make them.

What Are Weight Loss Shakes?

Weight loss shakes are chilly drinks that really derive from milkshakes. It primarily consists of soy protein powders, fibers, vitamins and minerals. If the shake is actually rich in protein, we may actually call it protein shake. Protein shakes are best for weight loss because it is low in calories. Most of the protein shakes we see on the market are sold in sachets and a single sachet equivalent to 3 tablespoons only contains 44 to 60 kcal. Weight loss shakes are also referred to as weight loss replacement shakes because you may replace your lunch and dinner for these shakes. You have the liberty to purchase ready-to-make weight loss shakes or make one yourself. Because you are planning to lose weight, it’s not recommended that you add sugar rather use fruits instead.

The Different Forms of Weight Loss Shakes

With the numerous weight loss shakes presented out there, choosing the right one can be quite difficult. Below are the different kinds of weight loss shakes that you may come across:

-Weight loss shakes come in various flavors and ingredients and you can pick whichever you like, however, you need to ensure that the shakes reach your everyday nutrient requirements.

-Some are just for women and not for men and vice versa since women and men have different metabolic needs.

-There are weight loss shakes that focus on a certain type of weight loss-some are for energy, others are meant to be consumed with drinking water and others with milk.

Ideal Weight Loss Shakes for weight loss

You may have realized that protein shakes are strongly suggested by health specialists and this is because they have been proven and tested by many studies that they do work for people wishing to slim down. Weight loss meal alternative shakes can be found in the market. But it is important that if you take them, you have to eat fresh fruits and diet meals to make sure your eating is balanced. You will know if the weight loss shake you had does work if it doesn’t make you feel starving later on. It would be best that you first speak to your physician or registered dietitian to learn which kind of weight loss shake is ideal for you.


-Really convenient as you can bring them along wherever you go. There are even shakes available in cans and for powder shakes as long as your working environment or where you go has a mixer you can prepare it.

-Makes calorie counting uncomplicated since the powder protein shakes indicate how much calories it contains in a sachet.

-Helps with controlling blood sugar because compared to other diets, these weight-loss shakes let you take in just as much as 5 shakes in a day. You can even drink it every 3 hours to avoid blood sugar spikes.

-When you have adjusted to a liquid diet such as weight loss shakes, you no longer need to think much about your diet.


-If you are accustomed to chewing and consuming full meals, your transition to a weight-loss shake diet can be quite a difficult one because after all, this is a liquid diet.

-There’s a big possibility that you might be really missing out important nutrients. Since we all have individual metabolic needs, a low-calorie diet for one person may work fine for him/her but it may be too extreme for you.

It is obvious that weight loss shakes have already made a big landmark in the weight loss industry as it has been around for quite some time now. However even so, before you plan on going into this form of diet, you need to be sure to first consult your physician before you even start following it especially if it’s weight loss meal replacement shakes you are interested in. Do not forget that this is a liquid diet we’re discussing here so if you feel not ready to commit to having shakes as your meals, you might also think about another weight loss substitute. It’s always good to try new things until you can know what works better for you. You may also want to read more on the pros and cons of diet shakes.