Buffet Eating For Weight Loss And Getting In Shape

Everybody likes a bargain and buffets are no exception here. There seems to be something special about being able to eat as much as you can while paying a fixed price.

The bad news is that such eating practices can have you packing on extra pounds very quickly.

So here is how to manage your buffet eating for weight loss:

1. Have a plan beforehand: Don’t just show up to the buffet without an idea of what you want to eat. Doing so will set you up for an all-out binge. Having a simple idea of what you are going to get beforehand can make a huge difference in terms of how much food you end up eating.

2. Keep tabs on the small stuff: You see, sometimes the small stuff can end up having more calories than the big stuff. All those side dishes and little desserts can have a massive amount of calories. So keep an eye on everything you eat.

3. Avoid sugary choices: Eating at a buffet is tricky as is, so don’t add to the burden by overloading your system with sugar. Doing so will skyrocket your insulin levels and can leave you hungrier that you would be otherwise. Thus, if possible, go for whole grains or high fiber carbs.

4. Have watery soups: Soups that are broth-based or watery, have fewer calories and leave you feeling very full. Just be careful with creamy soups as they can be loaded with a lot of calories. And if you add vegetables to your soup, you’ll feel even fuller.

5. Be careful with all the add-ons: Toppings in all shapes and sizes can turn a healthy, fat-burning meal into a weight gain mire. Be especially careful with cheeses and extra dressings here as they are loaded with insulin-resistant saturated fat.

Eating out presents a challenge if you are trying to lose weight. Even more challenging is eating at a buffet because you are not limited by what is on your plate. So make sure you plan ahead so that the buffet doesn’t sabotage your progress!

On the other hand, if you have really decided to lose weight, it’s advisable that you keep distance from buffet eating. Plan your diet or sign up for diet program for weight loss and don’t forget to include routine exercise. Buffet eating for weight loss is not a good choice for you.