A Weight Loss Cleanse When Diets Fail

One of the biggest concerns many people have today is losing an extra pounds 10-15 pounds. We all know how easy it sounds to lose weight. Take in fewer calories than you burn. The multi-billion dollar weight loss industry is thriving because losing weight is really more difficult than it sounds. You may be asking ‘can I lose weight when dieting has failed’? To find out, keep reading more.

Lets start with why so many people are overweight? Has there been a change in the last twenty years or so? What caused the explosion in obesity? Have people changed that much? Evolution may not work quite that fast, but one thing is for sure: our diet has changed dramatically in the last decade or two. In general, we consume more processed foods loaded with chemicals, preservatives, fillers and lots of other ingredients that most folks cannot even pronounce. Have you checked the boxes in your pantry lately? Pesticides have helped increase the food supply dramatically, but the fruits and vegetables we eat, even the coffee we drink, are also saturated with pesticides. A weight loss cleanse works to eliminate the toxins we ingest and helps in shedding the extra pounds.

Losing weight, if your body is toxic, can be difficult if not impossible. The processed foods we consume contain toxins and artificial ingredients that can slow our digestive process. The result is food staying in our bodies up to six (6) days, when the normal period is only a day or two at the most. This extra time can cause a build up called ‘mucoidal plaque’, a brown mucous that coats the colon wall in a thick paste.

The digestive system does not function effectively when the colon is covered with the mucoidal plaque. One effect is the body feeling starved for nutrients, so we eat more. Since the body is feeling short of nutrients, it stores fat as a protective measure against starvation. Of course you are not going to starve, but the body stores extra fat to be on the safe side. The build up of mucoidal plaque is difficult to diagnose, but symptoms are belly bulge, sluggishness, bad breath, constipation, and unexplained ailments, just to name a few. With a weight loss cleanse, many people discover they had up to 20 pounds of undigested food and fecal matter trapped inside.

Starting an exercise program may not be too exciting once you are overweight and feeling sluggish. Even with determination, keeping on the regimen is unlikely without more help. A weight loss cleanse can remove the built up fecal matter, parasites and mucoidal plaque inside you. The result is increased energy and weight loss of 10-15 pounds or more in just two weeks without dieting. Wow, sounds good right?

Finally, eating a more healthy diet and starting an exercise program are attainable. Your metabolism speeds up and the pounds begin to melt away. If you have tried diet and exercise programs and still cannot lose weight, it is not your fault. You simply may not have known what caused your weight gain and what to do about it. When diet and exercise have failed, try a weight loss cleanse and you may be very excited at the result.

Be very careful, there’re so many weight loss cleanse out there today. Please do your due diligence before starting with any weight loss cleanse. Good luck to your new weight loss journey.