5 Reasons You Need To Lose Weight Today

Weight loss is one of the most sought after topics today and an increasing number of people turn towards weight loss techniques for various health benefits. Over the years, obesity and increasing weight among youngsters and adults alike have triggered a range of health issues. From increased blood cholesterol to high blood pressure, the health repercussions of an excessive weight gain are many. Some of the reasons behind an increased weight over the years are due to an unhealthy diet and an inactive lifestyle.

Our diet plans consist of a lot of processed food, which is one of the key reasons behind abnormal weight gain. As we are aware, increased weight can lead to a number of health and social issues. Here are the top five reasons why you need to start losing weight today:

  1. Cholesterol Buildup

Eating foods that are rich and fatty acids can lead to a buildup in bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol seemingly blocks our blood vessels and constricts the blood pathway, meaning that our heart needs to push harder to facilitate a smooth flow of blood in our body. Not only does that strain our heart, but also makes it difficult to deliver blood around our body effectively. A high cholesterol buildup can lead to a series of health issues and is one of the leading causes of heart diseases.

    2. Hypertension

It is a proven fact that high cholesterol buildup in our bodies can lead to increased blood pressure. The reason is simple, clogged blood vessels put an extra effort on your heart, resulting in increased blood pressure, also known as hypertension. The downside of hypertension is that it affects every organ in our body. Our body requires an essential and controlled amount of nutrients and oxygen to function at its peak. Since all the nutrients are carried by our blood, disturbed blood flow would result in disturbing organ performance.

  1. Irregular Hormones

Obesity or overweight is commonly associated with hormonal issues. This can lead to increased thyroid levels, which causes various health concerns such as:

  • Hair loss
  • Infertility
  • Menopause
  • Mood swings

Apart from the above, irregular hormones can lead to various challenges, including depression.

  1. Strokes

Strokes can be life-altering if not lethal. The silent killer is a condition that results due to a blockage in our blood vessels in the brain. Excessive fat in our blood vessels can disrupt the flow of blood. Once the blood flow is restricted in the brain, it results in a stroke. In most cases, strokes leave the victim partially paralyzed with long-term disabilities. However, strokes can lead to death if unattended timely.

  1. Social Awkwardness

Let us face it! Being overweight certainly puts us in an embarrassing situation in a social gathering. Even when people tend to accept their body mass, they are prone to bullying due to their physical appearance. Everyone wants to look their best and be in their best shape to avoid socially embarrassing moments. Being overweight surely makes it difficult to socialize with confidence.

Apart from the above, being overweight can lead to a series of health issues, which can be life-altering in most cases. Therefore, start losing your weight today to retain a healthy body.