3 Easy Ways to Tuck Your Tummy In

One of the greatest challenges these days is fighting back all the excess calories we consume. Processed food, unhealthy lifestyle, and a bunch of elements such as lack of exercise and an active routine inflates our abdominal region. While most of us certainly dislike belly fat (for obvious reasons), we do little to promote a healthy posture and physique.

Given our strict and tight schedule, a trip to the gym might not always be feasible, which is why we need a simpler solution to the problem. Well, here are three easy ways to tuck your tummy in without expending a lot of effort.

  1. Bicycle Crunches

What could be better than losing your tummy while laying on your back? Sounds exciting, right? Well, the bicycle exercise is known to grind belly fat without consuming a lot of energy and time. The simple exercise requires you to lay down flat on your back, pretend to pedal a bicycle, and combining it with crunches. Sounds easy enough right? Bicycle crunches are one of the best abs exercises that targets the upper and the lower abs and has been rated as the most effective exercise for abs. A bit of a disclaimer though, it may sound easy and does not require hours of rigorous training. However, it does put a strain on your abdomen and will push you to your limits.

Helpful Tip: Do not knit your fingers behind your neck and do not pull your neck, anytime during the exercise.  For best results, repeat 2-3 cycles with 10 reps each.


  1. Sit-Ups

The most common and perhaps the most widely adopted technique during abs training is sit-ups. The traditional and conventional method is a focus exercise that targets the abdomen area and works your belly muscles. A few sit up reps is all you need to keep a bulging tummy in control and even tuck it in a little. It derives the best results when combined with a series of exercises, but if you are an individual with limited time of your hands, then regular sit-ups would do the trick. However, it may take you longer to gain a flat tummy with just sit-ups.

Helpful Tip: It is advised by professionals to exercise on an empty stomach. Always exercise at least 2 hours after a meal to avoid gastrointestinal issues.


  1. Russian Twist

The last exercise on the list is a Russian twist. This simple and easy exercise does not require a lot of preparation or time and you only need to do it a few minutes a day for best results! For a Russian twist, you need to sit on the floor and bend your knees, and then slowly lean back until you feel your abdomen muscles being engaged. Then lift your feet off the ground by a few inches, pivoting the entire body weight to the center. Maintain the posture and twist left and right.

Helpful Tip: Once you are comfortable with a Russian twist, try adding some weight to the exercise to speed up the results.